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We also manufacture own brand products for a number of brands around the world, if that's something you would like to discuss.  

As a Naturecan Pet Partner you would have full access to our regulatory and veterinary team to support you through your Pet CBD journey. 

We specialise in cat, dog and horse topical and ingestible products

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We are committed to delivering
safe pet CBD products

At Naturecan Pet, our key focus is formulating the best and safest products for your pet. We understand that if paw-rents are searching for pet CBD products, their pet may be ill or need some support to optimise their health, comfort and overall well being.

CBD is an amazing natural plant product that can make a significant difference to people and pets, but it is still in the early research phase, particularly for pets. This is why we only use formulations and claims which have been extensively researched by our science and veterinary team or a trusted external source.

Woof Review

Dylan’s been reactive since he was about 8 months old and it has been really challenging for him when we are out on walks because even seeing a dog across the road would set him off lunging and barking. We have tried quite a few calming products that have had no effect on his behaviour unfortunately.

However, since Dylan having CBD oil, we have noticed a difference in how he responds to triggering situations, giving me time to help him focus on me and prevent the reaction. We are really happy with the CBD oil and will definitely continue using it!

Pet safety first

Another incredible fact about terpenes is they adapt to predatory change, which means each harvest can vary greatly. Also hemp plants grown naturally outdoors require more protection from the environment and therefore produce higher levels of terpenes which for industrially grown hemp reduces the use of pesticides.

To date there haven’t been any studies done on how terpenes and flavonoids in CBD oil affect pets.

This is why our priority for pet products is to refine CBD to be pure and safe, in its natural plant form. We do this by taking our Naturecan Broad-Spectrum CBD distillate used in our human range and refining it into a pure CBD and CBDA isolate using advanced chromatography technology.