CBD Dosage for Pets 

How much CBD to give your pet

Everything you need to know about pet CBD dosage

It is important to note that the dosage advice given on this page may differ greatly from what you have read elsewhere. This is because every product is different and our dosage recommendations are based on our unique concentrations and blend of CBD & CBDA isolate.

At Naturecan pets, we have created 5 different strengths based on the type of animal and weight. Meaning each strength has a different cannabidiol (CBD) content and therefore a different dose.

Determining the optimal dose and schedule for giving your pet CBD is critical because:


Consistent and correct dosing will allow your pet to experience the greatest possible benefit.


Doses that are too low might not help offer the needed support to yield maximum benefits. 


Doses that are too high might result in you overspending on products whilst offering no additional benefit.

Two Vizsla's sniffing our CBD oil for dogs

“How much CBD oil should I give my pet?”

…. Is the most common question we hear from health-conscious pet parents looking to support their pets in a safe and natural way. CBD is still pretty new to many people, especially our four-legged friends. The good news is that by following the protocol mentioned in this guide, determining an ideal dosage for your pet is both straightforward and clear.

If you haven’t bought CBD pet products before, reading statements like ‘3000mg cannabinoids per bottle’ or ‘10% strength’ can be confusing to digest and understand. Essentially, on a CBD bottle you will have a percentage (being the percentage of CBD in the whole bottle) as well as the number of milligrams (mg).

The ideal pet dosing is based on your pet’s weight and the number of CBD milligrams needed for optimal results. Our general recommendation is 2mg per 1kg of weight.

Dog Barking

Top Tip!
Be consistent while you evaluate the results 

Some pets take CBD as part of their daily wellness routine, others only use it as an occasional supplement to deal with situational issues (recovering from injury, stresses like fireworks, trips to vets or being left alone). We would always recommend a consistent daily dose, however, we understand this might not fit everyone’s lifestyle. Whichever way you plan to use CBD for your pet, be consistent until you understand what works best for them.

 If using situationally, we recommend giving your pet CBD for at least 5 days to get a good baseline.

We recommend using a low dose when you start to use CBD if you have any concerns about using CBD for the first time. You may increase the dose to a high dose if your pet's symptoms or issues are severe. We always recommend speaking with your vet if considering the high dose.

CBD Dosage for Cats

CBD Oil for Cats
cbd dosage for cats
Cat Cuddling our CBD Oil for Cats
CBD Oil for Cats
cbd dosage for cats
Cat Cuddling our CBD Oil for Cats
How to dose correctly using our syringe

CBD Oil for Cats

CBD Dosage for cats weighing under 5kgCBD Dosage for cats weighing under 5kg

CBD Dosage for Dogs

Small Dogs

CBD oil for Dogs - 3%

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD dosage for dogs weighing under 10kg CBD dosage for dogs weighing under 10kg

Medium Dogs 

CBD dosage for dogs weighing between 10 and 25kgCBD dosage for dogs weighing between 10 and 25kg
CBD oil for Dogs - 5%

CBD Oil for Dogs

Large Dogs 

CBD oil for Dogs - 3%

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD dosage for dogs weighing between 25 and 50kgCBD dosage for dogs weighing between 25 and 50kg
CBD oil for Dogs - 3%

CBD Oil for Horses

CBD dosage for dogs weighing between 25 and 50kgCBD dosage for dogs weighing between 25 and 50kg
Dog Barking

Treats, oils, or both?  

Treats offer an easy way to give your pet CBD while the CBD oils offer a more robust effect (absorption into the bloodstream is quicker).

We recommend using both routes: CBD oil morning and night, and treats throughout the day. Use the full recommended dose for the CBD oil and full recommended dose for the dog treats. 

cbd dog dosage - CBD oil for dogs and treatscbd dog dosage - CBD oil for dogs and treats

What is CBD?

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating compound found in relative abundance in the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). Studies indicate that it may have the potential support a variety of health conditions, including anxiety, inflammation, insomnia and chronic pain. However, it is also important to point out that research is still in its infancy and lots more research is needed in these areas.

To learn more about pet safety and CBD, click here.

Grey cat asleep holding our CBD oil for cats

Why chose CBD & CBDA isolate?

Isolate is the purest form of CBD as it is separated from all other components found in the plant like terpenes, flavonoids or THC. Due to this fact, CBD isolate is the safest blend for pets and the best place to start when trying to help to relieve common concerns that animals experience. Because CBD isolate contains 0% THC this allows us to offer higher milligrams per dose, whilst being ensured that the product is safe and pure.

To learn more about CBD and CBDA click here

Terpenes found in hemp plants play a vital role in the health and protection and flavonoids give the plants its colour, taste and smell.  Research into these remains very limited, particularly for pets. For example, some research suggests that some terpenes, like limonene, may be toxic to pets. We, therefore believe that isolate is the best format for pet safety. 

To learn more about why we remove terpenes and flavonoids, click here