Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

Determining the purity and safety of CBD products requires understanding the Certificate of Analysis (COA).

At Naturecan Pets, we offer complete transparency and include a thorough COA with every one of our products.

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What is a Certificate of Analysis (CoA)?

A Certificate of Analysis is a document that confirms that products have been subjected to the necessary testing to make sure they adhere to industry standards. It can be provided either by a certifying authority or by the exporter's own laboratories where there is a relationship of mutual confidence. It is most frequently used for food, alcohol, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. 

How to read a Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis can be divided into three main sections: the header, the results and the footer.

What is a Certificate of analysis
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Choosing a CBD product

When you’re choosing a CBD product, it is a good idea to read the product’s CoA and check that it meets safety and quality standards. While reading a CoA, look out for the following red flags:

  • No lab certifications in the document
  • Tested in-house (rather than third-party testing)
  • Missing safety tests
  • Unsafe levels of THC (i.e. >0.3%)
  • Less CBD than claimed
  • Missing cannabinoids (such as CBG, CBC and CBN)
  • Compound quantities that do not match those on the product label

Our Certificates of Analysis

CBD oil for dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs

Our CBD Oil for dogs is made our proprietary blend of CBD & CBDA siolate combined with our pure organic MCT Carrier oil - with 0% THC guranteed. 

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CBD Dog Treats for Calm

CBD Dog Treats for Calm

Our best selling CBD dog treats for calm is made with other hero ingredients to help your dog feel cool, calm and collected. 

View Certificate of Analysis

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